•   Dytrex  

    We consider Conworx to be an experienced IT service provider and we value the company’s expertise and development capabilities. Conworx was and still is a reliable partner for us in developing and implementing our network-compatible POCT blood glucose monitoring system EndirePro for hospital use. This partnership was an integral part in our ability to create value-added services for our growing customer base.

    Toralf Schroeder & Markus Zeige CEO, Dytrex Ltd.

  •   Schiller  

    More than 10 years ago, CONWORX developed the first HL7 interface for Schiller with the name MT-SEMA. This was Schiller’s first step in its development from a medical device manufacturer to a medical systems provider. Installations had become increasingly complex, and Schiller needed an effective interface. As a result, the standard product Meditrac™ by CONWORX was provided with a few additional modules for Schiller. The advantages are easy software maintenance and efficient support, because standard components are easier to maintain than proprietary programs. By now, Schiller uses the HL7 interface Meditrac™ throughout Europe everywhere, where data exchange between a hospital information system, or HIS, and the Schiller ECG systems is to take place with the help of the HL7 protocol. The cooperation between CONWORX and Schiller is very good, and support is fast and efficient. Due to the good experience Schiller has had with CONWORX, future joint projects are definitely a possibility.

    Burkhard Dickehut, Schiller Medizintechnik GmbH

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