•   University Hospital Heidelberg · Germany  

    For the University of Heidelberg, CONWORX realised one of the largest management solutions for point-of-care in Europe. Almost 200 POC devices are networked via POCcelerator™ and are centrally managed online.

  •   Asklepius Future Hospital · Germany  

    Besides well-known companies such as Microsoft, SAP, T-Systems and Bosch, CONWORX Technology was invited to test latest information technologies within the scope of the Asklepios Future Hospital Programme. The aim of the future-oriented project in Hamburg-Barmbek is the development of innovative technological solutions with the objective of optimising the treatment and management processes in hospitals and to set up an efficient and sustainable process and communication infrastructure for the entire health system

  •   University Hospital Jena · Germany  

    The University of Jena operates a point-of-care network with approximately 100 devices of various manufacturers which have been successfully organised via POCcelerator™ since 2004.

  •   Gesundheit Nordhessen AG · Germany  

    The Gesundheit Nordhessen AG has been using the POCcelerator™ since 2006.

  •   University Hospital Koln· Germany  

    The University Hospital of Cologne operates a comprehensive point-of-care network through the POCcelerator™. Nearly 200 systems by Radiometer, Nova Biomedical and Keller Medical are integrated into the network.

  •   University Hospital Bochum · Germany  

    The Berufsgenossenschaftliches Universitätsklinikum has been using the POCcelerator™ since 2006.

  •   Krankenanstalten der Steiermark · Austria  

    In cooperation with our sales partner, the company of Systema Human Information Systems located in Steyr, the Hospitals of Steiermark (KAGes) rely on the POCcelerator™ to network devices of various manufacturers and to organise the point-of-care.

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