The POCT Management System from the Experts!

Some of the challenges involved in the POCT data management are the various POCT devices from various manufacturers that are located throughout the hospital, time-consuming data documentation as well as the complexity of the quality control and user management in compliance with the legal guidelines. Keeping everything under control is not so easy because so many different factors must be taken into account.

Our solution: Only one central POCT system: It does not depend on a particular manufacturer, is flexible, and delivers!

Since 2003, the POCcelerator™ of the Point-of-Care data managers has been organizing the daily POCT workings of hospitals throughout Europe. In just one system, it manages all devices, users, QC materials, and controls and prepares the data in a clearly structured manner for you and is compliant with the legal guidelines.

  • POCcelerator™ offers you numerous functionalities, such as, the easy display of quality control and user management as well as device monitoring.
  • Our 16+ years of experience in POCT device interface development guarantees the secure connection of more than 150 POCT device models.
  • You benefit from our complete manufacturer independence and enjoy full flexibility in the selection of your point-of-care devices.

Organize your POCT flexibly in precise accordance with your requirements. We would be pleased to submit to you a non-binding offer in this regard.

Please find here further information of POCcelerator™:
POCcelerator™ Benefits Secure and easy POCT management
  • Complete POCT management in just one system, no duplicated data management
  • Full flexibility in the integration of POCT devices
  • Cost savings through simple infrastructure and one-time hardware costs
  • Shorter familiarization period for your employees, since it is just one system
  • Free updates
  • Outstanding support from our Support Hotline
POCcelerator™ Functions
  • Central QC monitoring of all POCT devices in compliance with the legal guidelines (deviations are indicated proactively by a traffic light system)
  • Automated technical validation of the test results and direct transfer to the lab’s computer system and the patient file
  • Central user and rights administration with automated user import capability
  • Web-based online training for POCT users
  • Complete training documentation for all users, also for classroom training
  • Fast reports and statistics relating to POCT topics
IT/Medical Technology
  • Just one central server with central LIS and HIS interface
  • Unproblematic virtualization in your server environment
  • Utilization of standard components (Windows Server OS, MS QSL Server
  • Remote configuration and control of many market-leading POCT devices
  • Central monitoring of all integrated devices for errors
  • Functions for simple device replacement and repair
POCcelerator™ Web Our web-based solution for QC entry and monitoring of offline devices as well as user management
  • Entry of the QC data of all offline devices (blood gas devices, blood sugar devices, etc.)
  • Web-based access via the Intranet from every PC
  • Full functionality of the user management and rights administration
  • Graphic display of the QC data both from online and from offline devices
  • Automated forwarding of the data to the POCcelerator™
POCcelerator™ eQA Proactive management of eQA processes

You benefit from POCcelerator‘s unique pre-evaluation feature, which allows initial assessment of the results and improved compliance prior to reporting these to the EQA organization.

  • Electronic record of EQA distribution
  • Proactive management of EQA (Collection of data, return compliance)
  • Simplified reporting of EQA organisation
  • Increased staff capacity
POCcelerator™ eTrainer Trainings as Time Permits!

Imagine, your nursing staff could complete their training for POCT devices and medical products when there is time, flexibly and without any set date or time.

The POCcelerator™ eTrainer makes this possible with the help of a web-based training platform that runs on your Intranet.

  • Any time
  • Significantly reduced organizational work
  • Very simple overview of device rights and training needs
  • Suitable for all nursing staff
  • Intensive learning effect through interactive content
POCcelerator™ Training Beginner and Advanced Trainings for POCcelerator™

Always well-trained with POCcelerator™ beginner and advanced trainings. Several times per year, we offer you the opportunity to attend a beginner or intensive training in order to broaden your know-how on the basis of practical exercises or to build it from the ground up.

Software is only as good as its users. This is why you take advantage of our training opportunities. Of course, we are also open to including particular training requests in our program.

POCcelerator™ Telemed Telemedical Patient Care

The POCcelerator™ data manager is also perfectly suited for telemedical purposes. Throughout Europe, we have implemented telemedical projects with more than one thousand patients suffering from asthma, cardiac insufficiency, or blood-clotting disorders.

  • Within seconds, a patient can independently transmit their measurements from almost everywhere to the central POCcelerator™ station in the hospital by using the mobile telecommunication network.
  • Here, the measured data is checked and abnormalities are reported and included in the electronic patient file.
  • The result: Lower treatment costs, high-quality, timely information for physicians and, last but not least, satisfied patients.
  • With the POCcelerator™, you are already prepared for the more intensive integration of laboratory diagnostics on all levels of the healthcare system.
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